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Tim is available for lessons in Melbourne
or via Skype/Facetime/ZOOM.
Please contact for rates and availability.
Ph: +61 432.626.836 (AUSTRALIA)
For general enquiries and bookings please fill out the contact form below...

Thanks! Message sent.

Demonstration of my favourite daily Overtone exercise combining some basic common note triad theory... Visit my YouTube Channel

Learning Topics...

Tone Production

Saxophone Technique

Improvising over Standards

Learning and Memorising Tunes

Developing an Individual Vocabulary

Becoming a Self Teacher


Specific Areas of instruction:

Language of Bebop

Smooth Voice Leading and Common Note Theory

Harmonics and 4+ Octave Range


Triadic Pairs - Hexatonics

Ear Training

Active Listening Techniques

Transcription and Analysis

Awareness of Time and Rhythm












Charts for Tim's music can be downloaded from the

Australian Jazz Real Book

Demonstration of one of my daily rituals... Visit my YouTube Channel for more
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